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As the website name suggests, I love Kung Fu and want to pass on what I have learnt over the years. My personal preferences in Kung Fu have taken me away from fighting side of Kung Fu, I just Love Kung for the sake of Kung Fu. I love the training and the positive effects it can have on your body and your mind. Having trained for most of my life, I have seen these effects first hand and the changes martial arts makes to people lives. This is something I want to be part of and help spread the art, while doing Kung Fu!!!!

Shaolin Kung FuKung FuLove Kung FuLove Kung FuLove Kung Fu

In 1987, at a young age I fell in love with Martial Arts and trained in Japanese martial arts all the way up until 2001 where I was introduced to Chinese Martial Arts, which I have stuck with ever since. Since then I’ve travelled and lived in China and Asia and been fortunate enough to train many times in and around the Shaolin Temple.

I’m happiest when I’m training with like minded people and enjoying the journey of learning and progressing in Kung Fu.

Training History

Listed below are some of the more well known Shaolin Kung Fu teachers I have trained with over the years.

Hu Zhengsheng
Neil Genge (Shi De Yan)
Shi Yan Ao
Shi Yan Xin
Shi Heng Wei
Shi Yan Di
Matthew Ahmet (Shi Yan Wu)
Shi Heng Long
Shi Heng Sheng

Before I started Shaolin Kung Fu I spent a many years training in each of the martial arts below

Lee Family Tai Chi
Lee Family Kung Fu
Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu
WadoRyu Karate

Enso Martial Arts and Healing Rooms

Enso Martial Arts ShopIn 2004 I took over the already existing Bristol Martial Arts Shop, Enso Martial Arts and moved it from Staple Hill to Gloucester Road, Bristol, UK. It has been there ever since and has gone from strength to strength. We try to cater from all martial arts styles including Kung Fu, of course, and try our best to know as much as we can about martial arts and the clubs in the area, this way we can give the Bristol Martial arts community the best service we can. It’s a lifelong passion and I hope we can keep the shop going for a long time to come.

Along side the shop I set up Enso Healing Rooms which is a therapy clinic that offers Eastern and Western therapies. Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tui Na, Sports Massage, Physio therapy, Counselling are all at Enso as well as much more. I love the joining of the two disciplines as Traditional martial arts nearly always have a Healing art attached to them. Not just in Shaolin Kung Fu (ChanWuYi) but in many Asian Martial Arts.