Sugong: The Life of a Shaolin Grandmaster

Just finished reading Sugong The Life of a Shaolin Grandmaster by Nick Hurst. For me I love any martial arts book that talks about the training journey. These are my favourite. It doesn’t really matter when it happened, or where or with who, just that someone went of a martial arts journey to find a style and the experience they had at the time. These are exactly the books I like.

The book covers the life of sugong the life of a shaolin grandmaster, from a young age and the training and styles he trained in. Now even though he was a Shaolin Master it would be good to point out that this is Southern Shaolin which is very different style of Kung Fu from the standard Henan Shaolin. However, the style is irrelevant, because the book is about the people and how Kung Fu shaped their lives, from the Master to the students.

It was a great read and an interesting insight into the life and environment at that time. Some great stories of training and personalities, my favorite I think is the students telling their master that maybe he shouldn’t have the knob of butter in his coffee every morning as it may be bad for him. As you can imagine it didn’t go down that well.

If you love training Kung Fu you love it.

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